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The I-Files: Time and Life of Ingo B.

This is my literary memory box. It started with the African Journal, my regular reports from my time volunteering in South Africa. I got lots of feedback from the readers, so I figured that some of you would continue to be interested in what's happening in my life.

Since the idea for the journal was born in Pretoria, I named inspired by J.M. Cotzee's excellent book "Time and Life of Michael K", which is as controversal and difficult, yet as fascinating, as South Africa itself. Go read it! :-)

On the map below, click on Africa for the Journal. There are also links to reports on my travels in Japan and Australia, as well as some musings on different events in my life in Europe. Clicking on South America will take you to the Buenos Aires Weblog.

The African Journal!  / Das Afrika Tagebuch! Sporadic musings / Gelegentliche Schreiberei The African Journal!  / Das Afrika Tagebuch! Travel Report from Australia / Reisebericht aus Australian Travel Report from Japan/ Reisebericht aus Japan